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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is DogScroll?
In essence, DogScroll is an app that helps you train your dog in a more goal-oriented way. Designed as a training diary, it allows detailed, yet easy-to-use exercise logs. Training progress is measurable and easy to keep track of. You can set goals for yourself and your dog and monitor the development. In addition, it keeps all important information about your dog accessible whenever you need it. DogScroll is always available whenever you have your phone with you - practically everywhere and any time.
For whom is DogScroll?
DogScroll is the app for the dog lover, equally suitable for pet owners, ambitious dog sports enthusiasts and also professional training instructors. The app can be flexibly adapted to your needs:
  • for a single pet or a whole training group,
  • for simple exercises or complex exercise routines,
  • for people who just have fun with their dog.
How much does DogScroll cost?
DogScroll is very affordable. The price varies a bit based on local VAT rates and pricing patterns of the app stores. Please check the exact price in the app store.
In which languages can I get DogScroll?
DogScroll is currently available in English, German, and Finnish.
Can I make a backup of my data?
Yes, this is strongly recommended. DogScroll stores data locally on your device, meaning that you will need a recent backup to recover your data in case the device is lost, stolen or defective, and when you want to transfer content to another phone. DogScroll supports two backup methods:
  1. App data can be backed up using the built-in backup functionality of your operating system. Backups can then be used to transfer your data to a new phone during initial setup. Note that some conditions must be met for automatic backups to run. Typically, the automatic backup must be enabled in the device settings, and your device must be charging and connected to WiFi during backup. When setting up the new device, select the corresponding options. Please consult the guidance for your operating system for details.
  2. The app allows you to manually back up app data to a location of your choice, ideally cloud storage. This function is particularly recommended in case you have larger data sets, or when you are using tools other than the operating system's default method for transferring data to a new device. Remember that restoring a backup means replacing all existing DogScroll data.