Information on How Your Data Is Handled

DogScroll v. 1.9.0 for Android, August 20th, 2019

The protection of your privacy is very important to us and guiding us in all stages of the application design. We want to inform you what kind of data is collected by us. By using DogScroll and related services you are agreeing to the policies outlined in this Privacy Statement.

It is one of the essential functions of DogScroll to collect and present information including but not limited to dog profile, training activities, dog's health, events, and achievements as entered by the user. This data is maintained locally on the device. At no point is any of this content stored on the developer's servers.

Use of Your Information: Information collected by the application is used for providing the applications core functions to you: presenting and analyzing information related to your dog(s). Additionally, through our website or other media we may collect personal data (e.g., names, addresses, telephone numbers, or e-mail addresses) only when you have voluntarily and knowingly provided such data to us (e.g., through registration, support requests, bug reports, ratings, surveys, etc.). and as provided by you for the respective purpose. This data is maintained to the extent and as long as needed to resolve the subject of the request, for providing requested information or newsletters, or for sharing reviews, ratings, or recommendations and testimonials. When you submit your data you are granting us the permission to process and use the data for the respective purpose.

Data Backup: DogScroll supports the Android Backup Service allowing the user to restore backed up data when the device is lost or the user changes devices. In that case all relevant data is copied to the user's personal Google account. The Android Backup Service can be enabled or disabled in the device settings. The DogScroll app includes an optional service facilitating transfer of app data to a new device. Backups may be stored locally on the device or any external storage such as cloud services (e.g. the user's Google Drive account) configured on the device. The app's backup and restore function itself does not establish own connections to any external storage. The privacy terms of the respective external storage provider and possibly the local device service enabling the connection apply. No data is sent to the developer in the process. The user may also decide to use other backup software and services which are entirely outside the developer's control.

Disclosure to Outside Parties: We do not sell, trade, or transfer your personally identifiable information to outsiders. Exceptions are external parties (a) who provide services essential to our operations, such as web hosting and email providers (b) to whom the application and/or related services or their provision or support are sold or outsourced, as long as there are agreements to keep information confidential. No personally identifiable data is transferred to 3rd parties outside the European Union. We may disclose information if required by law or if you have given us your permission. Non-personally identifiable, aggregated data may be used for marketing and other purposes.

Website: Privacy terms for the use of our website can be found at

Analytics: DogScroll includes mechanisms to facilitate collecting information about possible application failures in the field. Goal is to maintain a high standard of quality and user experience, and to react quickly to any problems the users might be facing. Special care has been applied in order to not collect user identifiable data in the process. For this, DogScroll is using a customized version of 'ACRA Crash Reports for Android' ( The following ACRA fields are enabled: ANDROID_VERSION, APP_VERSION_CODE, APP_VERSION_NAME, AVAILABLE_MEM_SIZE, BRAND, BUILD, BUILD_CONFIG, CRASH_CONFIGURATION, DEVICE_FEATURES, DISPLAY, ENVIRONMENT, FILE_PATH, INITIAL_CONFIGURATION, INSTALLATION_ID, PACKAGE_NAME, PHONE_MODEL, PRODUCT, REPORT_ID, SHARED_PREFERENCES, STACK_TRACE, TOTAL_MEM_SIZE, USER_APP_START_DATE, and USER_CRASH_DATE. Recording of the user IP address is disabled. The user is informed about the content and asked for permission each time before a report is sent securely (authorized report sending may happen with a delay depending on network availability).

License Check: DogScroll uses the Android App Licensing Service by Google. Occasionally, the app sends a request containing app version information and Google ID of the user to the Google Play licensing server. The server responds with status information, which the DogScroll app uses to determine if the user has obtained a valid license from Google Play.

Protecting Your Information: Depending on the means of communication, data may or may not be protected during transmission. Any collected data stored on our systems is protected using industry-standard security software and configurations.

Location: DogScroll's email and web servers are located in the European Union.

Removal of Data: Users may at any time inquire their personal details stored, or request correction of personally identifiable data or its removal from our systems. We will respond to legitimate requests within a reasonable processing time. If you wish to make such a request or if you have questions about our privacy policy you can contact us by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in writing to Juergen Goebeler tmi., Jyrkkätie 16, 37470 Vesilahti, Finland. Any information maintained by the DogsScroll application may be removed by 1. removing the application's data or uninstalling the application and 2. removing any backups using the backup or storage provider's services.

These privacy terms are valid for DogScroll for Android Version and apply also to updates and upgrades of the application unless they are accompanied by updated terms in which case those terms apply.

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