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We have made some changes to the backup and restore functionality. Android Backup Service is still working in the background if it’s enabled. But because there are some limitations to it, many users have taken advantage of our manual backup solution. In our latest release (, we have updated this function.


What has changed and why?

In the latest release, the manual backup has undergone some changes. A convenient Interface to your Google Drive storage will be discontinued by Google towards the end of this year, and we cannot use it anymore. Special storage dedicated to the app that is used e.g. by some social media apps is also announced to be discontinued in the near future. So we had to find other ways to keep this important feature alive.


What are the issues?

Alternatives tend to be

  • more flexible as they offer a wider selection of storage locations
  • more restrictive as access to online storage becomes more controlled


And the solution?

We selected a solution that is both of the above. You are now able to use any storage location that is configured on your device. Typically, this includes your Google Drive storage but also local storage on your phone and on SD card. Possible are also other cloud services if their apps support it.


How about the mentioned drawbacks?

One limitation on Google Drive is that DogScroll can only access files that were created by DogScroll, and not, for instance, files you copied there. Another one is that, on Android versions less than 4.4 (KitKat), only local storage on phone and SD can be used - it is unlikely that anyone is affected by this but I want to mention it for completeness.


What is the recommended backup location?

Unless you have one of the mentioned older Android versions, the recommended backup location remains your Google Drive Storage because you can easily access it from your old and your new device.


I cannot get my files transferred. What should I do?

Compared to the previous backup solution, this might be a bit confusing at first. Because of the added flexibility and the many possible services you could be using we cannot foresee all scenarios. Important for us was that you keep the option to make manual backups. If you have questions or if you run into any trouble with this new functionality please let us know (), and we will help you getting there.