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For a number of reasons, DogScroll data is stored locally on your device, and not online using our servers or any common cloud service. Cloud services are a privacy matter. Handling your personal data would have a significant effect on cost, liability, and long-term commitment. We do not want to put your privacy at risk. Furthermore, dog training often happens in the field where good network coverage cannot always be assumed.

Backup & resetBut how do you protect yourself from data loss? In case your phone is defective or lost you may not be able to access the DogScroll data anymore. To ensure you can restore the data after a phone reset or if you get a new phone, DogScroll supports the Android™ Backup service.  When this is enabled, your phone automatically backs up your data to your Google™ account. When the app is reinstalled, the data is automatically restored.

To enable this, you must

  • activate 'Back up my data',
  • set the backup account,
  • activate 'Automatic restore'

in your device settings.

There can be some delay between the time you enter information and the next backup. Automatic backups are initiated only if the following conditions are met:

  • your phone is charging,
  • your phone is connected to a WiFi network,
  • at least 24 hours passed since the last backup.

So, it is recommended that you regularly charge your phone overnight and make sure it's connected to a WLAN. In Google Drive at, under Backups you can verify if a backup exists for your device and when it was made.

As an alternative, you can also manually backup and restore your data. To do this, open the app settings in the main menu.