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We have sneaked a couple of new features into our latest release of DogScroll for Android. I'd like to introduce one of them here because it is a bit hidden, but it could still be a great time-saver for you: the training notes template.


There are a number of details you can conveniently record for each of your training sessions. They tend to be information that is applicable independent of a particular dog sport or activity, or measures you may want to monitor in your training statistics. We have received requests to create additional fields, and in some cases we have done that. Preferably, those fields are not too limited or specific to a particular use, and, if that data is retrieved automatically, it must be reasonably accurate. For instance, wind speed measured at the nearest weather station may not be the same you are experiencing while training in a forest or otherwise wind-protected area.


The Notes Field

So does the above mean you are limited to regularly recording only data that is supported by the built-in fields in DogScroll? That would indeed be an unacceptable limitation. So, we decided to include a notes field for any information that is useful to you. Notes can be free-form but they don't have to be. You are free to structure the notes field for each training entry to include information and measures you want to record for each training. To make exactly this - the consistent recording of specific information - easier, we now added the option to create a notes template for each activity. This would include all the boilerplate text you would otherwise have to enter for each training session.

For instance, if, for every training session of type "Tracking" you want to record

  • the length of the track
  • the number of turns
  • the number of articles
  • the type of terrain
  • wind speed and direction
  • the time of day

you can create a notes template containing those sections. Once created all newly generated training records will start off with a notes field that is pre-filled with your template. Each activity can have its own template.


In Practice

  1. On the Activities page, select the activity you want to create the template for.
  2. Tap the template button below the activity selection.
    template button
  3. A dialog box opens. In the above example you would fill in the text field as shown here:
    notes template text
  4. Save the template and close the Activities page.
  5. Open the Training List page. Tap the + button to create a new training record, and select the training type (in our example: Tracking).
  6. A new training page opens with the notes field already pre-filled with your template.

We hope you'll find this new feature useful. If you have questions or comments just send us a message.