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DogScroll is celebrating its first anniversary, and just in time for the holidays we are releasing the biggest update yet. We want to thank our users for the great feedback we received from you during this year. DogScroll now is where we envisioned it to be in terms of design and functionality plus a whole bunch of improvements requested by you. But we are just starting - there is definitely more to come.

Here is what you can expect to see in our latest release (a couple of these features actually already made it into the previous update but we haven't told anyone yet):

Crib Notes:
For some time now, you have been able to add free text notes to your training sessions, allowing you to record pretty much any information you want. If you wanted to do this in a standard format you could create a template and then, each time, just fill in the blanks. Missing so far was a way to make activity-specific notes for remembering things that are linked to a specific activity and shown with every corresponding training session. This is now available in form of crib notes - the good kind that is allowed to be used. You can use this to record training tips, lessons learnt, training goals, etc. and change them over time as needed. To find the crib notes, check the training view as well as the new button on the main screen.

Backup and Restore:
DogScroll runs locally on your phone. It does not store any data on our or anyone else's servers. Exception are any backup services in use. That's a good thing as you are in full control of your personal information, and you are not dependent on sufficient network coverage when you use the app. But there are times when you need to be able to get your data off the phone, for instance when you switch to a new phone. Up until now, DogScroll has been supporting the Android™ Backup Service, and it will continue to do so. It's the easiest way to transfer data, and also to restore it upon reinstallation. However, it became tricky when users applied another data transfer tool, either by choice or due to manufacturer-specific limitations. For those cases, we have now included backup and restore functionality for very simple data transfer via Google Drive™. It is really only recommended to be used when changing devices. However, an occasional backup might come in handy in case of a disaster (e.g. lost or broken phone). You can find backup and restore in the app settings.

New Main Screen:
The old scroll view is based on some very early design ideas from a few years ago. We now replaced it with a cleaner user interface that will hopefully make navigation within the app a bit easier. All features are still there. But if you are missing someting, just check the help option in the main menu.

Select App Storage Location:
It is now possible to install the app in internal memory or on SD card (that is if your device has an SD card), and you can change that anytime in your device settings. Just keep in mind that this applies only to the app files. Your own data (anything you record in DogScroll) remains protected in internal phone memory. This is something we cannot change.

Many smaller improvements:
Among those are an improved weather selection box, improved translations, updated help screens, better keyboard handling in a couple of places, and more.

Get the update now - as always free for all existing users. We hope some or all of these changes improve the experience for you. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us via our contact form, e-mail (), or in Facebook. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy holidays from the DogScroll team!

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