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We have made some changes to the backup and restore functionality. Android Backup Service is still working in the background if it’s enabled. But because there are some limitations to it, many users have taken advantage of our manual backup solution. In our latest release (, we have updated this function.

DogScroll is celebrating its first anniversary, and just in time for the holidays we are releasing the biggest update yet. We want to thank our users for the great feedback we received from you during this year. DogScroll now is where we envisioned it to be in terms of design and functionality plus a whole bunch of improvements requested by you. But we are just starting - there is definitely more to come.

We have sneaked a couple of new features into our latest release of DogScroll for Android. I'd like to introduce one of them here because it is a bit hidden, but it could still be a great time-saver for you: the training notes template.

We have just released an exciting new feature that many of our users, particularly Service Dog Trainers have requested: training reports.

If you like to be able to

  • view your training data also on your computer,
  • print it out,
  • review it with others,
  • send reports to the head of your group,
  • import the data into other reporting tools,
  • or just archive your records somewhere else than on you phone

then this is the feature you have been waiting for. Our goal was to design this very flexibly, so it can be applied to many different use cases. But we are also looking forward to your feedback to understand how you use it, and if there is some fine-tuning we can do to meet your needs.

How I Got There

The story of me and dogs did not start very promising. When I was a little boy, there was a small dog running loose in our neighborhood that started barking at me and chasing me whenever I came near its home. It never seriously hurt me, though I remember it biting my pants on a couple of occasions. So it probably was just having a lot of fun going after me, and I was playing the chasing (and screaming) game very well. I was horrified. Yeah - it was pretty irresponsible of its owners to knowingly and repeatedly let their dog chase a 6-year-old child, but those were different times back in the 70s: no (enforced) rights for children and no helicopter parenting. The main problem really was: that dog's place was on the way to my best friend's house, who was basically just living around the block, less than 50 meters as the bird flies and 150m to walk. Avoiding that dog added quite some distance. We had pets (guinea pigs, rabbits) that time, but chances of me ever becoming a dog trainer were pretty poor. That was going to change.